One in the Quiver

What is this?

One in the Quiver multiplayer PVP style map with multiple separate lobbies. The way it works is simple, you get a single arrow that will instantly kill anyone and a sword. If you get a kill with your arrow, it will refill. The last player standing in the arena wins!

To play is simple, from the main lobby, the lobby selection chest can be opened and an arena can be teleported to (place the item into your inventory). From there, a match can be started at the desired arena as long as you have enough players. All arenas are functional and separate, meaning all can be played at the same time if desired by separate groups of people.

Current Arenas


  • Created by RandomGgames
  • 2-8 Players

Mineshaft Caves

  • Created by RandomGgames
  • 2-8 Players


Dark Oak Forest

  • Created by RandomGgames
  • 2-12 Players

Military Base

  • Created by RandomGgames
  • Vehicles created by CrafteFoxe
  • 2-4 Players




  • 2-10 Players

Coming Soon

No new maps at the moment!! Suggest some on the Github project here!

Terms of Use

Suggestions and Bugs!

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